All you need is love

The Crowle Singers (and indeed others) have recorded a version of the Beatles classic as a tribute to NHS workers and all carers. It can be viewed below:

Away in a Heartbeat

For those who have sadly lost a loved one during the Pandemic, here is a musical reflection by the Crowle Singers. We hope you find it a comfort and may God be with you at this time. Our love and prayers are with you.

Lyrics to the song © Cathy Dhonau 2020

Away in a Heartbeat 

No time for goodbye 

My love I leave with you 

As to heaven I fly 

The stars in the night sky 

Look down where you are 

And though I shine with them I’ll never be far

Take comfort my dear one 

My pain is no more I’m sorry to leave you 

To fight this strange war 

Now hear me my loved one

 I ask you, I pray, 

Hold close those around you 

Be kind and “stay safe”

I love thee my darling

Pray lift up your eyes 

I’m smiling down on you 

From diamond-lit skies 

As each new day dawns 

I’ll be right by your side 

This storm you will weather 

With me as your guide